Tax Proposals, Leads to Charitable Giving

Donald Trump’s new tax plan has a long way to go before it will be passed by the congress, although it is taking a while for it to be approved, a lot of wealthy Americans are planning to invest more and give it to charity.
The President-elect’s are now proposals are coming into view and wealth advisers say that the clients are modifying the tax strategies in order to gain benefits from the upcoming tax reforms.

To give a clearer picture, the country’s top earners currently deduct their donations at the top rate of 39.6 percent, but Trump suggested to lower the rate to 33 percent and to limit the deductions to $200,000 per couple. In reaction to that, wealthy individuals are now raising their charitable giving plans.

Some of the big changes that trump have proposed is related to the deference of income. He’s suggested to cut the capital gains tax for high earners, which means cutting the corporate tax rate and eliminating the estate tax.
To be clear, there are certain adverse effects to trump’s proposals, one side effect of the plan is that tax revenues will fall in 2016 both in federal and state levels.

Apple Air Pods hit eBay but will not make it in Time for Christmas

Hours after announcing the availability of the Apple Air Pods to hit Amazon stores, customers are disappointed to see that shipping dates will not make it in time for Christmas.
But some crafty re sellers have listed their Air Pods on eBay to be resold for up to $999, offering interested buyers to ship the item overnight.

Apple stores are also stacking up on the much coveted Apple Air Pods which will be in stock by next week. Apple tells its customers to watch out for announcements and to keep checking online for updates regarding the AirPods.