Gender gap in Asia Slowly Closing

The Philippines and New Zealand are two countries that are leading the cause in Asia-Pacific trying to promote gender equality more, while the rest of the region has a lot of catching up to their progress in improving the status.

Other countries like India are still struggling to improve, its rates of female health, even though there are gains on wage equality and educational attainment. Meanwhile in China there was a great decline in percentage of women joining the workforce, and has caused China’s gender gap to flat-line over the past decade.

In Fact, Asia is largely the reason for global decline of female participation rate, the percentage of working-age women who are actually a member of the workforce.

Economic equality also remains mysterious; it’s slowed to the worst level since 2008, after a peak in 2013. In Asia there are no countries included in the list of top 10 economic participation category in 2015 even though both Singapore and Philippines are in the top-20.

Singapore Stock’s Winning Streak is under Pressure

Singapore Stocks index is set to post the biggest increase in Asia this week, which is driven by its longest winning streak in two years. The Party may be short-lived.

Singapore performed well in the past week, making it the seventh-best performer globally. The scale has risen for eight straight days, the longest stretch of gains since December 2014. The Government cut the top end of its 2015 growth forecast 1.5% from 2% last week. The Economy contracted an annual 2% in the third quarter from the previous three months.