ITRADER’s Education Center

ITRADER is aware of the importance of education that will help enhance and aid clients with the tools and knowledge they need in order to perform trades with the utmost confidence. This is why we at ITRADER have taken the steps to provide our clients with top-tier educational material that teaches and trains beginners about the market and how to perform successful trades. The education center is not just for beginners, it also welcomes seasoned traders who wish to review and brush up on their trading knowledge.

Listed below are the educational tools available:


Forex e-Book – ITRADER’s very own forex e-book was created for the purpose to help clients perform better trades. The e-book contains topics regarding the psychology and behavior of traders, essential concepts and terms, tips for trading successfully, the usage of trading tools, and the basic practice and important techniques.

Advanced e-Book – contains an interactive online 3D modelled flipping book for clients who enjoy reading.

The Commodities and Futures e-Book – For those curious as to what Commodities and Future Contracts are, take the time to read this e-Book and learn the advantages of trading futures and how gold can act as a commodity in the trade of future contracts.

CFD and Stocks e-Book – teaches what Contract for Differences (CFDs), Stocks, and Indices are along with their advantages and disadvantages.


ITRADER’s V.O.D is classified into five distinct groups.

Beginner – has videos for beginner traders and covers the fundamental aspects of being a trader, such as determining if you are an emotional trader or not.

Advanced – once you are sure and confident with your skills as a trader you can now move on to watching more advance videos.

Terms – explains the some of the common jargons used especially those used in the forex market.

Strategies – teaches and the various strategies clients can use when performing trades, how to perform them, and the right time to perform them.

MT4 – the last of the V.O.D, the videos found under the MT4 provide an in-depth tutorial on how to use the MT4, what its features are, and how understand the platform.


Similar to the V.O.Ds, ITRADER provides clients with a myriad of courses to help traders gain the experience they need. Additionally, there are courses that cover various trading topics.


The tutorial section teaches clients what the MT4 is, the installation and basics, types of orders, etc. The second tutorial teaches traders how to use the mobile application.


For those who wish to keep track of what goes on with the market, there are articles such as the daily market review, which feeds you news about the latest market trends, the status of various stocks, prices of commodities, etc.


The glossary, being a compilation of various terms and jargons, is the best place for traders who are still new to trading and wish to familiarize themselves with these jargons.


Lastly, we have the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ, here you can find the answers to most of the questions you have regarding the site, opening and account, the currencies accepted, etc.

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