Dow inches to 20,000, indicators signals investors to Sell

A strategist said that the market is starting to raise the flag to sell futures as the Dow Jones Industrial Average inches toward the 20,000 level.

Katie Stockton, The Chief technical strategist at BTIG stated that although there is a widespread of bullish actions, investors should proceed with cautions in making short term decisions.
She said that the market is showing signs of exhaustion, which has never happened in the market before.
Stockton said that one indicator is now showing a sell signal, which suggests that the market might be overbought or that there may be a loss of long-term momentum. However, she also stated that, there might still be momentum left in the medium-and long-term perspective.

“An important point about the signals that we've seen just over the past week is that they've really been concentrated in the financial sector” Stockton said.

Nokia phones are back with its first release being the $26 “Dumb” phone

Nokia-Branded handsets will be making its come-back announcing its first device to release, the $26 “Dumb” phone which comes with the classic “snake” game.

Earlier this year, the company HMD Global acquired the intellectual property, license from the Finnish Firm to produce and sell the rights for the phone in the next 10 years.

Under the agreement between Nokia and HMD Global, Nokia will receive royalty payments from HMP for the sale of each Nokia branded mobile phone or tablet.

The initial production of the company is the Nokia 150 and the Nokia 150 Dual Sim – these two phones announced by HMD on Tuesday costs $26 which is the Dumb Phone, it is labelled dumb because is it just a basic call and text phone.
Both units will come in black or white and will be sold in the Asia-pacific, India, the Middle East, and Europe in the first quarter of 2017.