Bitcoin above the $800 Mark

The digital currency, bitcoin, has passed the $800 for the first time since February this year.

Bitcoin crossed surpassed the record high levels around 11:40 and was last seen trading around $815.

Chief executive and founder of the digital currency website Crypto Compare, characterized the movement of the bitcoin as the start of breaking the “definite psychological barrier” Bitcoins has experienced a steady rise in the recent months, which was supported by investors who are looking for safe haven commodities that are followed dramatic political shifts in the world economy.

Bitcoin is considered a very volatile asset, but is generally not correlated with other market, making Bitcoin a useful place to invest when other financial markets are down in the market.

To sum it all up, it is a great year to be a bitcoin investor. Those who bought the electronic money at the start of the year, investors would have seen their investment grow at around 87 percent.

Super Mario Hit Record of 40 million Downloads in first four days

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run has proved to be a huge hit. According to Nintendo, the games was downloaded for more than 40 million times in its first four days only on iOS, which broke the App Store’s record for number of downloads during that short time span.

In previous reports, the game’s sale reached at around 2.85 million downloads in its first day.

Although Nintendo doesn’t say how many downloaders of the game actually spent money in purchasing the game, The Success was aided with the fact that Super Mario Run Debuted in 140 different countries. Super Mario Run is free initially in the app store but players will be required to pay a $9.99 fee in order to unlock the full version of the Game