Super Mario is Set to Bump Mushrooms on Apple’s iOS

The price of Bitcoin is expected to dramatically rise in the coming year, as it is driven by the expectations that the new U.S. President will introduce new policies that will stimulate the economy.

During his campaign period, Donald Trump, has talked about increasing fiscal spending more than once. With that Saxo Bank’s note stated that this could greatly increase the national debt of $20 trillion and triple the current the current budget.
As a result, the economy will grow and inflation will sky rocket and forcing the U.S. Federal Reserve to hike interest rates.

According to Coin Desk’s data, Bitcoin is currently trading at around $754.51 and is expected to rise above $2,000 dollars, which is %165 percent higher than its current price.

Super Mario is Set to Bump Mushrooms on Apple’s iOS

Nintendo’s leading franchise, Super Mario, is set to launch its latest mobile game ”Super Mario Run” on the iOS and it is set to surpass the “Pokémon Go” hype train.

The Game is forecast to earn more than $71 million in the worldwide gross revenue during its first month, which is double the number achieved by “Pokémon Go” which was released at the same time period.

The “Super Mario Run” is set to invade the Apple’s app store on December 15. Data from Sensor Tower said that there are 20 million iOS user are all excited and ready to download the Game on the day of its release.

The Game initially is free to download, but Nintendo is charging $9.99 for the full version, including the “millions” who pre-registered to get a notification as soon as the Game goes live. Again from Sensor Tower, the Game is predicted to gross $71 million in its first 30 days.